Special Purpose Mix

Special Purpose Mix

from 11.50

A special blend of Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Perennial Ryegrass that is highly durable and grows in all types of soil.

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Special Purpose Mixture

Contains                                        Pure Seed           Germ                    Origin

Falcon IV Tall Fescue                      29.86%                  90.00%                  Oregon

Dallas Tall Fescue                            29.83%                  90.00%                  Oregon

Shenandoah Sport Tall Fescue   19.90%                  90.00%                  Oregon

Diva Kentucky Bluegrass               9.90%                    85.00%                  Idaho

Cascadia Perennial Ryegrass       9.85%                    90.00%                  Oregon

Other Crop Seeds                             0.17%

Inert Matter                                       0.49%

Weed Seeds                                     0.00%

Noxious Weed Seeds: None Found