Evergreen Lawn Mix

Evergreen Lawn Mix

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A well balanced lawn mixture consisting of Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf-type Annual Ryerass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Creeping Red Fescue. This is a Quick Germinating mix that is well adapted to a variety of growing conditions. 

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Evergreen Mixture

Contains                                        Pure Seed           Germ                    Origin

Madrone Annual Ryegrass           30.20%                  90.00%                  Oregon

Appalachian Kentucky Buegrass    29.34%                  85.00%                  Washington       

Perennial Ryegrass                           20.11%                  90.00%                  NZ

Creeping Red Fescue                       19.34%                  85.00%                  Canada

Other Crop Seeds                             0.09%

Inert Matter                                       0.84%

Weed Seeds                                       0.08%

Noxious Weed Seeds: None Found