Valley Lawn Mix

Valley Lawn Mix

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A high quality mixture which is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners desiring an elite lawn. A mix of Kentucky Bluegrass, Garnet Red Fescue, and Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass giving the mix improved disease resistance and fine leaf texture. 

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Valley Lawn Mixture

Contains                                      Pure Seed           Germ                    Origin

Flyer Creeping Red Fescue           19.54%                  85.00%                  Canada

Palmer III Perennial Ryegrass     18.89%                  90.00%                  Oregon

Gateway Kentucky Bluegrass     14.92%                  85.00%                  Oregon

Kentucky Bluegrass                         14.89%                  85.00%                  Oregon

Action Kentucky Bluegrass            14.88%                  85.00%                  Idaho

Rock-It Kentucky Bluegrass         14.70%                  85.00%                  Oregon

Other Crop Seeds                             1.04%

Inert Matter                                       1.13%

Weed Seeds                                       0.01%

Noxious Weed Seeds: None Found