Classic Shade Mix

Classic Shade Mix

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This special mix of proprietary turf grasses has been specially formulated to provide a high quality turf mixture for those shady areas. Consists of shade tolerant Bluegrass, fine-leaf Fescues and turf-type Perennial Ryegrass. 

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Classic Shady Mixture

Contains                                    Pure Seed           Germ                    Origin

Epic Creeping Red Fescue          24.41%                  85.00%                  Canada

Oracle Creeping Red Fescue        24.40%                 85.00%                  Canada

Rockstar Kentucky Bluegrass      14.84%                  85.00%                 Oregon

Palmer III Perennial Ryegrass     14.55%                  90.00%                Oregon

Viking H2O Hard Fescue               9.84%                   85.00%                 Oregon

Gateway Kentucky Bluegrass      4.98%                  85.00%                  Oregon

Rock-It Kentucky Bluegrass         4.96%                   85.00%                 Oregon

Other Crop Seeds                          0.34%

Inert Matter                                    1.66%

Weed Seeds                                   0.02%

Noxious Weed Seeds: None Found