Fertilome MosquitoGo Yard Fogger

Fertilome MosquitoGo Yard Fogger


Kills And Repels Mosquitoes, Biting Flies, Gnats, Moths, And Other Listed Flying Insects

For Use On Porches, Patio Areas, Screens, Window Frames, Doors And Other Areas

Water-Based Formula

Treats An Avg. Patio (500 Sq Ft) –  4 Times

Formulation:  Permethrin  0.2% and Tetramethrin  0.2%

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Spray in short bursts. Hold can 24 to 36 in from plant. Lightly mist with a slow sweeping motion.  Avoid excessively wetting the plant foliage. Consult label for specific application rates to control targeted pests.

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