Havahart 1025 Two-Door Trap

Havahart 1025 Two-Door Trap


The Havahart® Small 2-Door Animal Trap will help you effectively control chipmunks, rats, squirrels and other small nuisance animals that invade your property. Designed by trapping professionals, the trap comes fully assembled and ready to use – simply bait and set. Featuring two spring-loaded doors and a sensitive trigger plate, this trap is designed for higher catch rates and fewer escapes. Plus, the one-piece high-tensile wire mesh construction with steel reinforcements protects this trap from damage by unpredictable critters.

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Ideal for catching squirrels, chipmunks, rats, weasels and similar-size nuisance animals

Dimensions: 17.5 in x 5.76 in x 7.22 in